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Seasonal Pinecones


With this dry windy weather almost upon us now is a great time to gather up all the different varieties of Pine Cones we are blessed with in the pacific Northwest forest. The basic structure of all Pine cones is the same.The different shapes and sizes help identify the tree they came from. Most are a familiar shade of brown while others from the Balsam fir and Fraser fir may be a purple hue.

Gathering them up now ensures they are dry and can be used in a multitude of floral designs.You can wire them up for future use. Harvesting and wiring is a great project for kids too!  Cones can be painted with a floral paint in festive colors along and when you add ribbon they are a wonderful addition to an autumn or Christmas design.

I've used the smaller ones in centre pieces, vase arrangements and hearth-side baskets and the larger ones can be used in Outdoor planters and wreaths.

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