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Preserving Fall Leaves

I am reminded one Thanksgiving when my children went on a treasure hunt into the forest preserving fall   colored leaves.The process is  like this : sandwich them between sheets of wax paper with a thin rag on top (to keep your iron clean) iron on medium heat (no steam) allowing the wax on the paper to transfer to each leaf. Allow leaves to cool , then peel away paper to preserve their beautiful color. My children then went a step farther and then decoupaged them onto some brown paper which became our Thanksgiving table cloth.

These leaves could also be wired into a centerpiece or a vased floral design.

They later made centerpieces with berries and twigs they had gathered as well. Such a great way to bring everyone in the family into Thanks giving celebration.

Make sure this is done a few days early as it takes the decoupage awhile to dry, we found out the hard way! 

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