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Autumn Bouquets from the Garden

As we are growing alot of our plant material at Mary Clark Flowers  right here in the beautiful Frase Valley here is an example of the bouquets that can be created with plant materials you may have close at hand.


In this bouquet we have such beautiful tones of purples,magenta and yellow. The "Sedum" produces big round blooms. You can grow it in your own garden as it is a perennial that works well as a border. The " Dahlias" produce a multitude of colours and shapes of blooms in summer and early autumn and are a wonderful addition to anyones' garden. The "Snowberry "produces white berries in summer turning blush in the fall.  

Keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight and it will last about a week. You will gain extra life from your bouquet if you change the water daily.

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